Tuesday, September 1, 2009

News from the Front

Hi All, just a quick update.

Dela is doing really well. Last Friday they had to march 3 miles with about 60 lbs of gear to the Victory Tower. She made it just fine, and that's one of her graduation requirements. She has to work on her push ups because the way she's been doing them don't count. She's been working after hours with some of the other girls so she can do them right and have them count. She needs to keep working on her PT to meet the requirements: a few more sit ups, a little faster run time, etc. But she has time and is confident she can do it. She's lost a lot of weight and the pants they issued her the first day don't fit anymore. (She said she can put an arm down each side -- inside the waist band -- while wearing them.)

That's all for now. Please keep sending letters and pictures!


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  2. Tell her to keep up the great work. I have no doubt she can do it. My 48 year old hubby did it so I know she can!