Sunday, July 3, 2011

No. You Don't Have My Permission...

...To make me feel inferior because you are consumed with your own importance.
...To belittle and demean other soldiers in front of me.
...To use your rank as an excuse to exercise power over my mind and body.
...To express thoughts and make comments like you know me, when you clearly do not.
...To threaten me.
...To judge me based on office gossip.
...To decide my future based on your personal feelings about me instead of my performance in my job.
...To lead me astray from Army Values because you see no need to cultivate those qualities in yourself.
...To think I can't shoot because I am a "girl."

On the other hand, you DO have my permission...

...To get help deflating your head so as to get through the office door.
...To counsel soldiers in the way they should go respectfully and with your own good example.
...To use your rank to aid me when I need help and boost my confidence to lead others.
...To get to know me as a person and as a soldier, in a group... when I am not armed.
...To help me practice my Combatives training, again in a group, when I am not armed.
...To stop office gossip by shutting your own mouth.
...To give me the tools I need to decide my future plans and assist me in starting that process.
...To cultivate the Army Values that you have strayed from so heinously.
...To stand in as a target so I can practice not shooting "like a girl."


  1. Well put DeLa! I love this post.

  2. Sounds like you need an old school NCO to come in and straighten stuff out. Just keep drivin' on, and being the rock solid trooper you are. There are better out there; you and I both know it, and you won't be in that unit forever. Keep kickin' ass.

  3. @Kim-Thanks!
    @Punisher 1-2-You have no idea... and of course I will keep on keeping on. :)
    @Ikrar-why not?

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