Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time Travel Is Oh, So Military

Leaving my husband was difficult, as usual. It is always hard to have my heart ripped from my chest as I walk away, not really knowing when I will see my best friend again and the pieces of my heart returned to their rightful spot. He, on the other hand, informed me that he did not even shed a tear, knowing he would be seeing me again very soon.

Skype helps.

The flight from Atlanta to JFK was a nice appetizer to the main course that consisted of 14 hours in a coach seat on a stuffy airplane as we flew from JFK to Incheon, South Korea. Not bad really. I sat next to a fellow soldier, Korean born, lucky me! He graciously showed me how to eat the Korean food served on the flight. It was awesome! I love to experience new foods. It makes me happy.

I was very happy. Twice.

Once at the Incheon Airport, I went through security and customs quickly. Easy squeezy. I love being in the military. It definitely has its perks. Once finished with the official business, we signed in for the next bus to Yongsan which left at 8am. Oh, did I mention the time difference?

I left Atlanta on Sunday, February 28th at 5:30pm. I arrived in Korea on Tuesday morning at 5am. I completely skipped Monday. Totally. And completely. All those years when I worked in the office wishing I could skip Mondays... all I had to do was join the Armed Forces to do it!

Just another perk being in the military offers - Time Travel! Sweet!

In-processing today was painless and I ended up having from lunch time on to get settled into the hotel, have something to eat, go chase down chargers for electronics... etc... The Dragon Hill Hotel is very comfortable, would meet my husband's 3 C's (clean, comfortable and... I can't for the life of me remember the other "C" - I keep wanting to say "cuiet"), and in no way prepares me for barracks living I am sure!

I have traveled forward in time, video called my husband, caught up on Facebook and updated my blog... overall a very productive day. Now if only I could not scratch the very itchy small pox vaccination spot... to spread that would be very bad... pray for me.

I am off to bed - it has been a long Sunday and Tuesday.


  1. Woo hoo! Great to hear from you! I was just commenting to Steve and Katy last night how I found it mind boggling that you are on the other side of the world now. Thank goodness for the internet! Keep the blogs coming.

    See... I knew you'd like Korean food... ;-)

  2. What an adventure you are having, wish I was 20 years younger and could find a way to get rid of 'Mondays' too.

    Glad to hear that your trip out was smooth. Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Wow, you made me sound like a cold, heartless cad. My girlfriend thought so too.

    The three C's are: clean, quiet, and comfortable.

    I miss you. :(

  4. hello my friend! was glad to find your blog (thanks to your post on FB!) will follow/subscribe so I can keep up better than FB...
    OH! I have been posting more on my blog - stop on by! militarygals.blogspot.com

    Miss you bunches!!

  5. Wish I could rid of Monday's too!!!

  6. I will be following my child into the military and flying off to bootcamp shortly too after your blog and encouraging email completely dispelled my enlistment nerves! Maybe you should change your MOS to recruitment counselor! THANK YOU - you're an angel!

  7. Interesting and really well written! Most blogs on the web are not that simple and good like this one.