Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fear Be Gone!

So I lived through Army Level 1 Combatives training. I am now certified. Next stop - the Promotion Board. It looks to me that while in the Army, there will be no end to the things that will inspire fear in me and give my quickly developing ulcer more fodder. Yay. With the changes in the way the Promotion points are counted I am not sure I have enough to be promoted anyway - that kind of takes the pressure off a bit. And like my NCO says, "just give me 20 minutes." I think I can handle that.

I realize that personal growth cannot happen without getting out of my comfort zone and I also realize that I haven't seen that zone in quite some time now. I am not sure I would know what to do if I found myself in it again. Would I slowly get sucked into a recliner black hole and endless supply of salt and vinegar chips? Probably.

Although when I do imagine the scene, it has several powerful weapons in it. I just cannot see myself without Black Betty. Even now, when she is safely stored in the Armory, I imagine her propped in front of me, pop up targets waiting to be obliterated.

Fear be gone!


  1. Congratz on your training certification!!!! Way ta go! "Boots" (and you) are inspiring me to THINK about leaving my comfort zone, too. Just in the thinkin' stages right steps, right?! And the Promo board, I'm confident you'll get there, also.
    Recliner & chips vs Black Betty, I'm with you, Black Betty all the way!!!! Poochie

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