Monday, February 25, 2013

And the Army Taketh Away..

I am sitting here in an almost empty villa.

All my household goods are gone and tomorrow the rest of my things will be taken or I will be taking them with me when I head to the Dragon Hill Lodge.

I cannot believe it has been three years now. Seoul, South Korea has become like a second home to me and there are many things that I will miss. Saying goodbye to friends I have made here is just as hard as saying goodbye to my battles when they have gone to their next duty stations. There is no language barrier among friends here in Seoul. A hug and a smile conveys great feeling and you would be surprised how much charades can get across to someone. I could soon be a pro at that game!

I have to admit that I thought this day would never come. I truly thought I would die here in Korea, my tour seemed never ending and towards the end it was nonstop work work and more work. There was no time to count the hours or the days. The end has come up fast and I find myself mourning over the things I put off doing for so long and now will not have the chance to do. I guess that just means that someday I will have to come back here and complete the things I missed.

I am off to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. I am excited over going back stateside, seeing family and friends, being able to read the road signs, drive a car faster than 60 km, and kiss the ground of the great ol' US of A. Many opportunities to grow my career are going to be happening now. Things that I had to put off due to the mission needing to be accomplished I can now concentrate on. I am looking forward to that and some really good gym PT!

I have lots of things I wish I could change about the last three years. Different decisions, different expectations for myself, and the like. But that is all over now and I cannot go back. I cannot change what has been and can now only look to the future with hope and high expectations. Life is like that I think, no matter where you go or what you do. You must have goals. You must be open to change. Otherwise, life leaves you in the dust and before you know it everyone has passed you up. Nothing stops growth. It is only our choices that decide where and how we do it.

Well, still lots to do and not enough time to do it in...take care all you faithful friends and mentors. Blessings to you all and pray that I do better blogging in Arizona than I did in Korea!


  1. I envy your experiences in the US Army and in Seoul...

    "...must have goals, must embrace change..." You have demonstrated an amazing power for both. You inspire me, Dela. XO

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  3. Wonderful post . . . I too found more than I had expected in Korea. I wish you well in your next home in AZ.


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