Sunday, January 25, 2015

Two Successful Enlistments...Time for Life to Continue

Well, it's over. Five and a half years in service to the American people. It was truly life changing. I have gained friends, lost friends; gained family, lost family; gained experience, lost many fears; mostly, I have learned to accept myself for who I am and learned never to settle for less.

I am still working with Soldiers as I pursue my graduate degree, back in the same assignment I had when I first joined the Army, Trial Defense Service Paralegal. I like it a lot. I like helping Soldiers.
My graduate program is Transpersonal Psychology; a "wholistic" view of people; physical, mental,'s also creative and innovative.

I am living with a wonderful, good, and kind man. We accept each other as we are, warts and all. We don't try to change our likes and dislikes to accommodate the other, or try to get the other to change into something they're not. This is easy since we both love the same things, our brains work the same way, and, well, it's a different kind of love than I have ever experienced. I think I have moved through my life, married and adapted myself in an effort to experience "true love," all in order to reach this point. I realize now that in order to love another completely, I must first love myself completely. It has been a heartbreaking path to enlightenment but worth every minute because, finally, I understand intimacy.

The Army has helped me grow a backbone, accept myself, realize my worth, and not settle for less than I deserve. It also helped me to articulate that I will never like wearing pastel colors, that I will never "act my age," and that being a tomboy is an exceptional way to realize my own "bad-assery."

As I continue serving Soldiers and finishing my degree, I am searching for the exact right fit for a future of service; whether that's a therapeutic facility, a sweet cafe, a bed and breakfast, I really don't know yet. I am sure that it will all play out the way it's supposed to and I will attack my next adventure with the same intensity and commitment that I did as a Soldier in the Army.

Now, if only I could maintain the svelte and fit side of me that the Army helped me find after all those waistline would appreciate it and so would my bank account. New wardrobes are so pricey these days!

It would help, too, if my man wasn't a culinary genius. Did I say I love food?


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