Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beat it, beat it....

I am beating my cold with back to back kickboxing classes.

I attended two classes tonight with two different instructors and was able to burn over 1000 calories. I died a little in between classes but was quickly revived when the boxing instructor asked me to try his class. He said it looked like I enjoyed punching, and punching hard. LOL!

So, I will soon be adding on a boxing class to my kickboxing class. Who knows what might be next?

Again, I felt so rejuvenated by the classes! Even though I worked harder than I have ever - except maybe at the National Guard Drill weekends I attended last year - I felt SO AWESOME! This is way better than working out at a regular gym - it never gets boring and each instructor has their own strength. This is good for me - I figure the more classes I attend the more I get of everyone's strengths. Makes me well rounded - not round - but well-rounded.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. I have to get Nate to the airport and then work on some jewelry. Then a kickboxing class at 12noon and then back for more jewelry... then maybe another kickboxing class at 5:30pm... this is becoming quite the habit!

I would LOVE to have some company for class! Come on!!

If you have not tried Greek Yogurt - I highly recommend it. I enjoy the honey flavored. It is kind of a cross between yogurt and cheese. Sweet!

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  1. It has kind of a funky taste I need to get used to, but I agree, it is good. :)