Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Fight is ON!

So the Relay went well - but I caught a pretty nasty cold from being in that gym with all those people. Well worth it, still... Blah!

I went to my kickboxing class today and it was by far the hardest one yet. I am not sure if it was so hard because of the actual routine (which was pretty crazy) or, if it was because I am fighting this cold. It was very hard to catch my breath and keep going. I had to rest many times in order to make it through the whole class. I think I was also severely dehydrated from being sick and that didn't help things.

Funny thing though - I felt so AWESOME when it was done!

One thing I have learned this past week - I can push through pain and I can push this old body harder than I ever thought possible. Basic training won't be a piece of cake but I don't think I will fall apart either. In fact, I read an article today that said running builds up the joints and strengthens the ligaments - it does not tear them down. So, I am encouraged to keep going and as Pam said, get up, dust myself off and plug away.

At least with this cold I don't feel like eating much...

The plan for tomorrow is kickboxing at 11am with a Serbian who punches trees. I thought about attending his 10am and 11am classes back to back... for about 30 seconds.


  1. LOL! Truly!!
    He is actually a pretty sweet guy - one of those tough on the outside, mush on the inside kind of guys.
    He made me stop and take a breather a few times. He said my face was so red it looked like "my head would pop off." Damn those Irish genes - I get red after only a few minutes!
    It is a pretty tough workout when you're not sick, it sure kicked me today!

  2. It could be useful skill. One never knows when you could be mugged by a pine tree gone bad.


  3. Wendell - you made me laugh so hard!
    The whole being mugged by a pine tree gone bad visual made soda come out of my nose!
    Thanks for that.