Sunday, October 25, 2009

Debutante Denoument

I got a call from our soldier today! We got to talk for an entire 12 minutes and 38 seconds!!

Okay, they're all back from Victory Forge and the result is...

She passed everything and is all set to graduate on Friday!

So Victory Forge wasn't hard and in fact was a lot of fun. The big disappointment was that she wasn't allowed to march back with her platoon. She'd hurt her ankle again during some of the exercises and the drill sergeant made her ride back. She tried to insist and even begged a little. She wanted to be with her platoon as they marched up Victory Hill. But the sergeant patiently explained that he couldn't send her to AIT broken and that if her ankle were injured any more she'd be held over. So she rode back and cheered her platoon on as they marched up the hill.

(As it turns out, keeping her from marching was a good thing. The hill is treacherous and it was dark. Many people fell, including one of the drill sergeants.)

Next week is all about administrative tasks and practicing for graduation.



  1. I'm excited for you, I remember the three graduations we attended from Basic and each one was unique and really fun. Take lots of pictures and movies if you can, the memories will be there to get you thru AIT. So what is Dela's MOS? Glad to know the first part is all but done. Enjoy your time together. Will look forward to pictures when your get back. Give her a special hug from those of us not there!

  2. I don't remember the MOS number, but it's paralegal.

    I'll take lots of pictures but I don't have a camcorder. Maybe it's time to invest in a little digital one...

  3. I use Sony cameras (I have about 5 righ now) and all the ones I have except my SLR have video capabilities. They take pretty good video, just know that you can't do special zooming with them.
    Great MOS, something that she will be able to use for the rest of your lives :)

  4. Today I got to see Dela become a US Army Soldier and I have to say for a mother it was a very tearful moment... she is such an outstanding and remarkable woman and my heart is filled with love and respect for all she is and will be! I love you Dela... you have the heart of a soldier and the soul of an angel! ROCK FORCE!