Saturday, October 3, 2009

More notes for my bride's blog:

Sept. 11

I finally decided to go to sick call for my ankle. Because of the compensating I am doing for the sprain, I now have 2 large blisters on my heels. Two of my toes are numb from how my boots fit and one of them is starting to bruise -- that one "crunches" when I walk so I often wonder if it is actually broken. The pain is over the top. It is time.

Yes -- I have a badly sprained ankle and two large blisters on my heel had to be cut out. I requested to go back to training -- no profile -- so they gave me some things to help with my self care. I am praying for a quick healing. Today is Friday and beautiful -- it would be even better if we didn't have to march.

We marched to the range for a day of "grouping". Most companies allow their soldiers to group 4 out of 5 shots in a 4 cm circle on a 300 meter target. Charlie Co. has to do all 5. I grouped my shots on my 3rd and 7th tries. The rest of my shots were 3 or 4 out of 5. Not too bad for my first time firing an M16.

The March back went fine until we hit "drag ass hill". Next time I come up that, someone will need to push!

Sept. 12

Today is Land Navigation. The morning will be in the classroom and this afternoon in the field. I broke down at lunch -- I had a fever and felt nauseated. But in the end I sucked it up and marched anyway. After marching to the Land Navigation course, we had to find each spot on the map that we had plotted that morning in class. We found all of them fairly quickly. I did end up taking the van back to the bay though -- my ankle had swollen so much it barely fit my boot.

Sept. 13

Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest. Not so here.

This morning we marched to the Solomon Center for a Christian concert with Bethany Dillon. Gorgeous voice!

After the concert I asked the chaplain to pray over me. She gave me Isaiah 40:28-31 for inspiration and prayed for strength. It felt nice to be prayed over -- it helped ease my spirit and my mind.

The march back to barracks was followed by a march to the PX for whatever the drill sergeants would let us buy. I had to buy Eyepro to replace mine that had been stolen. that sucked! Especially since they were 65 bucks!! "Beautification" began shortly after that.

Phone calls home are the highlight of our Sundays.


Hopefully my ankle will hold up -- we have a whole week of marching to the range -- actually, I can't wait to fire that weapon but I am intimidated too. I just want to get grouped and zeroed!

Sept. 14

Today was spent at the simulator firing M16s at 300m targets. It looked like a very sophisticated video game. It was a lot of fun. I did, however, miss the PT Test this morning to go to sick call. The athletic trainer taped my ankle and made an appt. for me to see the PA. The PA thought I was there for my ankle and I thought it was for my chest cold. Anyway, I ended up on profile until the 19th. But I didn't tell anyone and I am marching anyway. I am not going to miss out on firing at the range! It is too much fun firing off rounds I don't have to pay for!

Sept. 15

Today is simulator again. Sweet!

Sept. 16

We marched to the range this morning. It was particularly rough because I had a hard time taking deep breaths. Every time I did I ended up coughing.

Since I grouped my shots last Friday, I only had to zero my M16 slick (no battle rattle). My first couple of shots were nice and tight. 4 out of 5 anyway. Then I switched with my buddy -- but it took her too long to group -- so I ended up on another lane to shoot again. I was able to group again and zero slick in 3 tries. I spent the rest of the day help others to group and zero.

The biggest blessing was at the end of day when buses came and picked us up to take us back to the barracks. No marching back! My ankle was definitely relieved to be "off duty".

Sept. 17

Today was a slow day -- the other 2 platoons had to go to the range. We got to stay in the barracks and do more drills. March, march, march -- drill, drill, drill. Another day of filling time.

Sept. 18

We marched out to the range again today. Not too bad today -- I think I am finally getting used to marching with equipment. NOT! The last hill is always the worst!

I grouped and zeroed in full battle rattle. It was a lot of fun trying to get down in all that equipment -- NOT! I spent the rest of the day helping others group and zero. Some of them made me want to take the M16 and shoot that target for them! There were some who just could not shoot and hit the target. We turned them over to the drill sergeants to coach. AND we got the buses back to the bay again. Sweet!

Sept. 19

We have been getting back to the barracks so late this week that we have't received our mail in three days. :( I miss having that pick me up after a very long hard day.

This morning we had PT -- the sunrise truly spectacular. We also ran 30/60s and my ankle seemed to hold out okay. So far so goo. I was also able to do a few good form pushups. :) Now I just need to add 10 more of them!

After chow we started on Modern Army Combatives. Hand-to-hand combat using moves from the Gracie Family. Looks like a combination of martial arts and wrestling. This went on all day -- with us even learning some choke holds. Wish I had learned that for when my kids were teenagers! :)

We got sand everywhere. And I mean everywhere! That is one thing I could do without -- okay that and ants.

Sept. 20

The drill sergeant gave us a choice this morning, church or phone call. I chose the phone call -- I won't spend my anniversary week without talking to my baby!! [editor's note: that's me]. Then we cleaned the bay floors with comet and brillo pads. It looks so great now and maybe it will help cut down on how sick have all been.

Seems like we might actually get a real day of rest... we will see...

We got a rest day! Thank the Lord!!

Black Betty got a thorough cleaning for the range tomorrow. My locker is also now ready for an inspection by the First Sergeant and the Command Sergeant Major. A really nice day.

Tomorrow we MARCH to LOMAH (Location of Hits & Misses).

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