Friday, June 12, 2009

Do I Qualify As a Cult Leader Now?

Wow - I now have my very own follower. In celebration, I have chosen to answer her question in this post, which is technically the very first one. Thanks Pam for your support!

Pam's question was: "Is "Artemis" one of your nicknames? Where does that come from?"

I was looking for a nickname I could use on the Army Forums/Discussion Boards. A friend once told me that if someone asks if you are a god - you say, "Yes!" In an effort to follow this advice and to be original and creative, I thought I would try some of the old Greek/Roman goddesses and see what might be cool.

Artemis is one of the most widely venerated, which I thought fit my friend's requirement quite well, and the oldest, which I thought was also fitting under the circumstances of me joining the Army at 40 years of age.

Her best known cults were also on the Island of Delos. The origin of my name Dela: "From the Island of Delos" seemed to be more than just a coincidence.

And lastly, she is a huntress after all. The best huntress to hear her tell it. I imagine that will come in quite handy as a soldier.

I handily ignored the fact that she requested to remain chaste and unencumbered by marriage - especially in light of the fact that I am quite happily married and decidedly unchaste in that regard... for which my husband is eternally grateful.

I think that answers your question Pam. Thank you again for your support and encouragement!

On a side note and in an effort to be accountable - I have joined a kickboxing class to get in shape for Basic Training. The first class was yesterday - from which I am recovering today. I have another class tomorrow and one on Saturday... then again on Monday before heading to Maine for a week.
While in Maine I will be participating in a Relay for Life at Hall-Dale HS - visit if you can. I will be running, so bring your sneakers!

God Bless!
I have some hunting to do...


  1. I believe Artemis is also often depicted with red hair...

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