Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Did It. And then some...

What a glorious Relay for Life it was!

We woke on Friday to sheets and sheets of rain. Now I don't have a problem running in the rain, but adding swimming to the activity would have been quite taxing on my 40 year old body. I knew I would already have a hard time making my 17 mile goal...

I was understandably worried.

In the afternoon my mom, Nate and I made our way to the high school to claim our spot on the track. That this event would still be outside was truly wishful thinking as it was still raining heavily, however, we were undaunted in our optimism and enthusiasm.

When we arrived we were told that the Relay was going to be held indoors - in the rather tiny gym of Hall-Dale High School. As joyous as we were that the show would go on - we were a little depressed over having to run in the tiny gym with 500 other people.

And when I say tiny gym, I mean REALLY TINY gym.

I opted to wait until midnight before joining in the fray to let the number of people in the gym thin out a little. It really wasn't so bad, as long as I could remember what lap I was on, so I could keep track of my miles.

Every 5 laps was a quarter mile - every 20 laps was a mile - every 100 laps was 5 miles and I did 20 miles - 400 laps! I beat my goal by three miles - which I ran at the end. It was 6am and I was totally beat.

My husband, my hero, and my son Nate arrived with Dunkin Donuts coffee at 7am and saved my day! Then I went back to the farmhouse at 10am...

...and died.

Post note:
*My mom did 16 miles - beating her goal of 15 miles. This is the best mother/daughter activity I can think of to be involved in. This is our 2nd year doing this together. It was worth every jarring step we took. The Greater Augusta Relay raised over $100,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Our "Nor'easter's - Blowing Away Cancer" team mates are amazing and I love them all.

I want to keep doing this when I am in the Army.
With my mom and in memory of my Grampy.
Hoping to see you again next year Greater Augusta Relay for Life!


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