Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have survived my second kickboxing class. In fact, I more than survived - I feel euphoric. There is something about beating on that bag that just soothes my soul and energizes my spirit.

Does this mean I am a violent person?

Someone once asked me, "When did you first start feeling so angry?"
I replied: "I can't ever remember not feeling angry."

I may be angry, but I have never seen myself as a violent person - despite the episodes where my children seemed determined to drive me into digging shallow graves in the backyard to inter their ungrateful little butts. Thankfully for them, those episodes were short-lived. For the most part my anger peaks quickly and just as quickly loses steam, not leaving too much time for breakage.

These thoughts led me to another time when someone else asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up - I remember saying I wanted to be a cowboy. A cowboy? You must mean a cowgirl - nope I replied, a cowboy. *

Is this why I love kickboxing so much? It seems to be such a cowboy-like (aka manly) thing to do.

This "mis-perception" of my future occupation continued through elementary school until finally it was made clear to me that I would have to settle for being a cowgirl. Life sucks sometimes. Cowgirls were just so decidedly... uncool.
Boys got to do everything and they were stronger and didn't cry so much and were, you know, awesome.

It irks me sometimes to know that I won't be allowed to participate in any combat positions in the Army. On the one hand I want to prove that I can hold my own and, on the other hand, another (girly) part of me is relieved. Personally, I think I really just want to kick butt!

So, I will be continuing this kickboxing class at Knuckle Up in Alpharetta, GA. The staff is awesome and the workout cannot be beat. (No pun intended.)
Join me there. You won't regret it.

*On a side note, why do we do this to our kids? I understand encouraging and cultivating dreams but what if they truly do not know? Panic sets in and they get this deer in the headlights look! This happens more frequently the closer they get to their high school graduation... come on people! I am still trying to figure it out at 40!

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  1. I remember being so relieved when I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Finally... a focus and purpose! Whew! I was 35 at the time. ;)