Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doing it Right

Today in kickboxing class I learned how to round kick the correct way. It makes a very satisfying "Whap" sound. I like it.

I also learned that I need to breathe while I punch and kick - catching my breath in between combinations, when we are supposed to be doing floor work, just opens me up to the trainer saying, "What do you need a special invitation? Let's go, let's go, let's go!" He is like a polite Drill Sargent - well maybe not so polite - he does call me "Retarded Left."

It is very difficult to be left-handed in a kickboxing class because you have to reverse all the combinations - so, after two pretty humiliating classes of trying to keep up I decided to just go right. SO much easier. I was surprised to find that my right arm and leg are much stronger and more coordinated than my left. Go figure.

I am tempted to attend the 5:30pm class tonight - I am that addicted! But good sense tells me that it would be really bad if I overextended and then got hurt. So, I will have to wait a week for my next fix.

In the meantime, I dream of stuffed punching bags and the sweet sound of "Whap!"


  1. Hey! It's Lynnze showing Gramma how to comment on here. We're are very excited about your kickboxing class going so well...well...better. ;)
    Love you.

  2. Here I am! Thanks to your daughter, my granddaughter I now know how to do this. Now you're in trouble because you'll hear from me every day. :)
    Love you.

  3. Ok...you have mastered bag-whapping...Are you prepared for dozens of push-ups? Pull-ups? And, running an 8-minute mile in boots? Karnak sees that in your future...


  4. Lynnze and Momma Di - glad to have you on here and look forward to your comments!
    Love and miss you both - tons and tons!!

    Wendell - In between "bag-whapping" I am made to do pushups and mountain climbers and all sorts of tortuous things that I am sure must rival waterboarding. The guys that teach the class are pretty adamant about keeping my heart rate above 100% and interval training is their specialty.
    I just know that you would get a kick out of watching me attempt one handed pushups.
    Running in boots is something else altogether. I am lucky to get my 2 miles done in sneakers. But I am working on it.

  5. I'm jealous! I've always wanted to try kickboxing and you sound like you're having a lot of fun and getting a great workout! Keep it up! :oD