Saturday, June 20, 2009

Well It's About Time...

Sorry about not posting sooner - a quick update:

Tuesday morning David and I left for Maine - planning a stopover in Virginia. It was a nice drive but I felt heavy, thick and fat. Resulting from kickboxing withdrawals I am sure.

We arrived in Maine late Wednesday night and hit the sack.

Thursday was spent in the Portland area as we waited for Nate's flight to arrive in the early evening. Portland Headlight and Ft William were wonderful places to play. They brought back nice memories from my childhood - climbing all over the rocks and the battery. I remember also exploring the Goddard House but it is now secured against all but the most persistent climbers.

I felt better having been out and using my legs a bit. Didn't feel so fatty, fat fat!

Today we are getting ready to run the Relay for Life at Hall-Dale High School. It will be soggy as it is raining buckets here in Maine, but it will be an adventure. I am looking forward to stretching the legs and seeing how far I can run this time.

Last year I ran/walked 13 miles. I am hoping for 17 miles this year... we will see.

Pray that the rain lets up - and my feet hold out!

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  1. You did it girl, Have a safe trip home and will talk soon, Love ya your Maine Sister.