Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting Started

In February of 2008 I walked into a National Guard Recruiting office. "I am overweight and old but I have a degree, can you use me?" I took the ASVAB to find out and scored a 90.
Yes, they wanted me.

In July, my recruiter insisted that I go to MEPS (military entrance processing station) even though I didn't feel ready. The result was predictable; I was still too heavy and my cholesterol was above normal. So, now I needed to lose more weight and get a waiver for the high cholesterol.

In October my weight was acceptable and my cholesterol within normal range but my recruiter was nowhere to be found. I was very frustrated and depressed over the whole process.

After the holidays and at the insistence of my husband David, I contacted another recruiter. She got to work immediately on my profile and worked hard to get me in before the age limit was lowered from 42 to 35. Unfortunately my waiver for the high cholesterol, that I no longer had, did not appear in time. I was out of luck for the National Guard but all was not lost. My recruiter handed me over to an Active Army Recruiter and I was on my way again.

After several MEPS trips, sweating bullets each time on whether I would still make the height/weight requirements, I was FINALLY enlisted as a 27D (Paralegal) and given the ship date of August 11, 2009. This is just two weeks after my son Nate leaves for Marine Boot Camp.
Yes, we will be sharing this journey, my son and me.

In an effort to keep family and friends abreast of the happenings with me and to give out vital contact information (I say vital because that may be all that gets me through basic training!), I started an email group list. Now the list is so long that it forced me to rethink my strategy and come up with something a bit more manageable for my husband.

Thus, this blog.

If you requested to be included on the Basic Training Group email list then you will want to subscribe to this blog. Even if you aren't on the list, I encourage you to subscribe, or at least visit often. I promise that there will be many humorous things to read about my experiences in the US Army. I mean, I am 40 and just now going into Basic Training - that in itself is hysterical.

So, now that you are up to date, I will be posting my physical progress here while I ready myself and my family for my absence.

Please feel free to comment.

Hoo ah!


  1. Way to go Dela! I'm delighted to see you start this blog! Now we can watch you like a hawk and make sure you stay on track. ;o)

    Btw, is "artemis" one of your nicknames? Where does that come from?


  2. I love this Hon! It will be wonderful watching you go through this new journey. I am so very proud of you and all you have accomplished thus far. I know you have many more wonderful opportunities awaiting you. Love you~Mom

  3. Hey Lady! Yes you are crazy, but I admire your strength! It is going to build something in you (besides muscles) that will be so different than anything you have ever experienced. I can't wait to live through your experiences. Remember 40 is the new 29! Pray often and don't forget He is up there proud of you and your efforts as are the rest of us here! Love - Angelique

  4. Dela, I've been meaning to send you an email for so long! When I saw your first email about going into the military, I was like "Woo-hoo! You go, girl!" I just had to grin big! I know you can do it, and it will be quite an experience! I will look forward to all your stories and perceptions.
    I think I missed this in the earlier email, but I assume you will be going in with a specialty?
    Love you, Pam Holz

  5. Pam H again...on reading further, I see you're going in as a Paralegal. I thought you got a degree in Art? I'm WAY behind the times! So, different question...! what does a paralegal do in the Army? Will you be stationed in one place, or travel around? This is fascinating!

  6. Hey Pam - A Paralegal works in the Jag Corp as support for the lawyers. I will travel around wherever they need me.
    I won't know where I will be stationed until closer to my training graduation in October. I will be sure that David posts it as soon as we find out.
    We are hoping for a European assignment - the only way we will see Europe in this economy!
    Thanks for your comments - you are constantly in my prayers!